Soul Mates, Life Mates, and Twin Flames: Deciphering the Code

pair-347220_640Many psychics are asked about romantic connections and to sense the energies around those connections. One person may become fixated with another and assume that the person dominating their thoughts is automatically their soul mate, life mate, or even their twin flame, but that is not always the case. This leads to the question, “How can we tell the difference between a soul mate, a twin flame, a life mate, and a connection based on chemistry?” Let’s explore the different connections and see how they differ from one another.

Chemistry or Physical Attraction

These relationships are often characterized by a very intense chemistry between two people with no apparent reason for it. The term ‘love at first sight’ describes it accurately and those who have fallen in love in this way are all too familiar with that sensation of being swept off their feet and of their worlds being turned upside down almost instantaneously.

While this type of connection is very intense and can easily sweep someone away in a torrent of passion, it is not always a sign that you’ve met your soulmate or your twin flame. Chemistry or physical attraction tends to wane as time goes on and while there may have been a raging inferno at first, it often fizzles out to leave nothing to keep the connection together.

Life Mates

Life mates are those souls we choose to spend our lives, or a major part thereof, with. In my experience, life mates can be soul mates as well because there’s that need for unconditional love and understanding in order for a relationship to stand the test of time and the many challenges that couples are likely to face during a life together.

These connections could lead to marriage, or even just a very long term partnership, so in a way a husband or wife isn’t necessarily a life mate (even though the commitment of marriage would point to that if the commitment is kept and honored).

It is highly unlikely for a life mate to automatically be a twin flame, but once twin flames reunite a life-long commitment is likely to follow the various challenges and separations they endure over many lifetimes.

Soul Mates

This is one of the more common connections and can take a number of forms. It’s a common misconception that a soul mate is someone you’re meant to be with romantically or that this person is automatically your life mate.

We have multiple soul mates during one life time and the greater the love for ourselves, the more soul mates we attract. Love starts on the inside and finding ways to love yourself unconditionally first will draw those to you who can love you in a similar and unconditional manner.

Speaking of love, bear in mind that there are many types of love and the love between romantic partners or lovers is not the same as that between close friends, kindred spirits, family members etc, but isn’t any less valid.

Your soul mate or soul mates will love and appreciate you unconditionally and understand and ‘get’ you in a way that few others will. Those souls around you who support your endeavours, who understand your passions and goals, those souls that can listen to you speak about your passion and actively take interest without feeling the need to judge or ridicule, they are your soul mates.

Our soul mates are kindred spirits, those who not only support our journey but instinctively understand who we are and what we are about. They are those who hold our hands even when we may not see the full impact of those connections and they are worth their weight in gold. They are there to teach us, to help us grow, and vice versa.

Twin Flames

We have one twin flame and unlike soul mates, a twin flame is the other half of your soul, the part that ‘completes’ us. Spiritual advisors and intuitives seem to agree that the most common signs of a twin flame connection are unusual meetings, or that these souls re enter each others’ lives in unexpected or interesting ways, a deep intensity and pull that goes far beyond physical chemistry, while being unable to completely understand or put into words why exactly this person means to you what they do.

The interesting thing is about twin flames is that those connections cannot be hurried or helped, and the best way to allow it to flow is to let it happen naturally. It can be a very frustrating place to be and many advisors refer to this as the ‘twin flame waiting room’, that space in between finding your twin flame and being reunited with him/her.
While you’re in this proverbial waiting room, life doesn’t stop and you could compare this to someone reading some of the old magazines on the coffee table in their waiting room, and those old magazines could be new connections, other soul mates, or even chemistry based relationships that come onto the scene.

Twin flames are challenged almost continually until they do get to that point where both are truly ready to reconnect and that process involves facing their own fears and challenges in order to become whole. The tricky thing about twin flames is that while each half makes up the whole, each party has to become whole in and of themselves before they will be in a position to reunite. These separations are part of the deal and must be lived through in order for each twin flame to grow and evolve.

As a reader, I can often see whether a connection is likely to be long term or not and whether there are spiritual undercurrents at play. Knowing this can be a huge help when trying to decipher whether someone you’re head over heels in love with is likely to be yours long term.

Atellrohlandt 200This post was written by Atell Rohlandt, one of our featured advisors at Certified Psychic Directory. She is an experienced Tarot reader, Psychic advisor, Reiki healer, and Crystal healer. For more information please visit her profile page or visit her in the instant readings section.

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