Phone Psychics: Benefits of a Per-Minute Psychic Reading

business-18965_640Psychic services are more freely available today than ever before and finding phone psychics or per-minute psychic readings is as simple as visiting a psychic directory or doing a search using your favorite search engine. Not all readings are equal and no two services will offer a user an identical experience, but there are benefits to choosing this type of online psychic reading.

Per-Minute Billing

An instant psychic reading offers one very apparent benefit and that is the fact that the user is billed per minute. In situations where someone may have a single question, this is a great alternative to pre-booked readings where minimum session lengths are imposed.

Let’s say, for example, someone has a single question and needs only a simple answer. It would make more sense to call a phone psychic and pay for two or three minutes than it would to make an appointment and pay for a set amount of time.

The per-minute billing system also makes it easier for clients who are on lower budgets to afford the opportunity to speak to some of the best psychics in the industry without paying for time they do not necessarily need.

Immediate Availability

Phone psychics are often available at almost all hours and on a site that offers a variety of readers, the client is always able to find at least a few online and available psychics. This means that should someone have an urgent question at 2am in the morning, he or she could make a simple phone call and speak to someone there and then.

Pre booked readings are done according to a schedule and most often accurate psychics are in high demand. This means booking opportunities or available appointments may be scheduled out as far as 90 days or even longer, depending on the popularity of the advisor.
Theresa Caputo is a prime example of just how popular a gifted psychic or medium can be and on occasion she’s publically admitted to being booked up for as long as 3 years. For some of us, waiting for an appointment is not a problem at all, but most psychics deal with questions that relate to the here and now and their clients need immediate assistance.

A Rate for Every Budget

Phone psychics may work per minute but most psychic networks allow advisors to set their own rates and this is another benefit potential clients can take advantage of. The more common rates start at $2.99 and usually range to about $9.99. That said, many psychics choose to charge less or more than the range shown here, but it illustrates the point that a psychic network or instant call system offers the client a choice in how much he or she pays per minute.

This gives the client some say around how much time he or she gets for a specific amount. So let’s say someone has topped up their account with $15 and has one or two basic questions. A reader with a rate of $2.99 would be able to offer just over 5 minutes of talk time whereas someone with a rate of $9.99 would be able to speak for 1.5 minutes. For someone on a tight budget, the lower-priced readers would obviously be better value for money.

A Variety of Readers

Another benefit of using phone psychics or psychic networks is that there’s always a variety of readers available. Finding a reputable and trustworthy service or psychic can be challenging, so it’s no surprise that clients often stick with a company or phone service they know and trust.

As for most work-from-home positions, there’s always a steady stream of phone psychics applying for positions, so clients are not only assured of a variety of advisors, but they are also able to deal with the same company time and time again while speaking to new advisors whenever they feel the need.

These are just a few of the ways using a psychic phone network can benefit the client and it’s easy to see why these services are growing in popularity.

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