Toby Gant

A reading with Toby is like a warm, compassionate, and enlightening embrace from Spirit. He connects with Spirit to receive messages geared toward helping the individual remember his or her most profound truth. He also helps individuals release energy blockages and chart a path for moving forward with confidence, purpose, and renewed vigor. Each reading includes the opportunity to ask questions of Spirit relating to career, relationships, finances, or any topic of interest.

Toby enjoys reading for individuals who are open to exploring the full potential that they came into the Earth plane to experience. If you are feeling a bit stuck, lost, weak, hurting, or confused and simply have an openness to understanding and stepping into your power, he is well-equipped to assist you with this task. “When you take your perception of Source and its infinite possibilities out of the box, you unlimit yourself.”

Specialities - Psychic - Intuitive Life Coach - Spiritual Advisor

Certifications or Professional Memberships

M.Ed. in Counseling and Human Development

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Registered Yoga Teacher


City                Hilo

Country        USA