Sonia Novick

Ms. Sonia Novick is a Trans-Channel, "The Avatar Group Consciousness" (Very similar to Esther Hicks in the movie and book The Secret who Channels Abraham.), an author, multidimensional life coach, mentor, and Internet Radio Show host personality with Spreaker.

I offer those open to great transformation and integration in personal or business affairs, ALL aspects of your life, providing stimulating and Awakening and assisting you with integrating your self into a state of inner peace, thereafter shifting your awareness into a grander consciousness of who you really are, and assisting you in reaching a heightened awareness in order to have your transformation and create your desired outcomes!

Specialities - Psychic Medium - Intuitive Life Coach - Medical Intuitive

Certifications or Professional Memberships

Silva Mind Control Institute, Graduate (Mexico City, Mexico) (1971)

Bachelor of Arts, Paris Academy of Art (Paris, France) (1979)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification – Anthony Robbins Institute (1997)

Core Quantum Method Healing Energetics Certification (2003)

Ordained Minister and Dir of AVATAR GROUP UNIVERSE~CITY SOCIETY Ministry (2009)

Academy Of Remote Viewing & Influencing Reality, Graduate Certified RV-RI (2013)

Globally Certified Life Coach – Level – Expert– by Expert Rating (2016)

Director and Producer of “Surfing the Cosmic Waves,” a live and interactive internet radio show where we explore our multidimensional, true and Divine Nature!

Published Author - WE ALL GO TO HEAVEN When We Stop Creating Our Own Hells


City              Weed

Country      USA


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1) Psychic reading: One-on-one body, mind, or spirit seeing of a client with express need for resolution of relationship, personal, health, career, finance, or other issues.

2) Channeling/Mediumship: Ability to act as a literal medium for disembodied personalities or spirits who bring forth messages through Sonic to benefit client in terms of closure, communication, or insight on personal or universal/global issues!

3) Remote Viewing: Literally like being a psychic detective, being able to see for client a love match, job opportunity, or other as-yet unattainable or unforeseeable thing or event that helps them achieve resolution.

4) Medical Intuitive: Like being a human MRI scanner into clients physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health, and making diagnosis and program for treatment or cure.

5) Certified Life Coaching: A larger umbrella term for seeing into all aspects of a persons life and being able to see probability factors which aid client in gaining perspective and advantage where concerns health, career, relationship, finance, etc.