Sheila Scott

I have been intuitive and clairvoyant all my life. I believe that a profound mystical experience during a near drowning incident at age 3, activated my spiritual gifts. My spiritual path is one of compassion and clairvoyant service to humanity.

I believe that the Universe, also known as Spirit speaks to us through signs, symbols, dreams, synchronicity, coincidences and serendipities. We only have to take notice and listen to the messages that Spirit is sending us. As an Oracle Reader, it is my honor and my privilege to accurately interpret the Universe's signs, symbols, and nuances for my clients highest good and best possible outcomes. I look forward to being of Spiritual service to you.

Specialities - Angel Reader - Energy Healer - Tarot Card Reader

Certifications or Professional Memberships

Licensed Spiritualist Minister in the Province of Ontario


City              Toronto

Country     Canada



A Near Death Experience at age 3 proved to me that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

I have been intuitive and sensitive all my life and I have been providing
Clairvoyant counseling for over 25 years. It gives me great joy to use my "Gifts Of The Spirit" to help people.

I am LGBQT2S Positive.


I am a Usui Reiki Master and Animal Reiki Master. I work with both people and animals. I was attuned as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner by Dr. Eric Pearl in 2000 and I was attuned as a Level III practitioner in 2010. I am a certified Spiritual Healer. It is my belief that all forms of Psychic / Spiritual healing come from ONE Source and that is GOD. The healer is merely the conduit. Psychic and Spiritual healing energies act as gentle reminders to the body on how it can heal itself. Just as a cast supports a broken limb, spiritual and psychic healing supports the body's innate healing and recuperative powers.

Please Note: Distance Psychic Healing is NOT a substitute for medical or veterinary care. I do not Diagnose, Treat or Prescribe. No claims of cures are made or implied.

All energy healing is sent via distance. Healing can be sent at anytime. You do not need to be on the phone or Skype with me during your session. However if you prefer this can be arranged.

I do not have a set fee for Distance Psychic Healing. My healing services are by donation only.


With help of the Archangels and the Higher Forces of The Light I have been blessed with ability of clear homes, offices, and other properties at a distance.

Examples of my clearing work are:

• Removing Negative Energies and Entities
• Assisting Earthbound Spirits into The Light
• Dissolving Negative Thought Forms (aka residual energies)
• Closing Negative Vortexes and Portals
• Clearing your house before or after you move in
• Clearing your home to make it easier to sell (Real Estate Agents take note)
• Clearing your home after a death or serious accident

I do all house clearing at a distance, there is no need to visit your property. I work on properties all around the world. This form of clearing is much stronger and more effective than simple smudging.

I will need to speak with you by phone or Skype and I require photos of the property that is to be cleared.

Distance Clearings are not readings. There is no phone recording or set appointment time.

Please note I do not have a set fee for distance clearings. My services are by donation only.