Sharon Pugh

Psychic Medium Sharon Pugh in Atlanta, Georgia provides phone and in person readings. Sharon Pugh is ranked top 10 Evidential Medium in the World.





Specialities - Animal Communicater - Intuitive Life Coach - Psychic Medium

Certifications or Professional Memberships

Certified Psychic

Best Psychic Directory

Best American Psychics

2013 Fabulous Feedback Award Winner


City             Atlanta

Country      USA


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Atlanta Psychic Medium Sharon Pugh is a highly gifted Evidential Medium and certified Psychic working with clients all over the world.

She is currently working with two top Hollywood Producers for a 2014 Tv Series. Sharon is also an experienced Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.

She was awarded the "Fabulous Feedback Award Winner 2013" through Best American Psychics. Sharon has an uncanny ability to connect with spirit, see past lives, future events and give insight to life issues.

She is an Expert for the National Cold Case Research Institute. Psychic Medium Sharon Pugh is available for Phone Readings, In Person Readings and Private/Corporate Events