Robyn Hessinger

I am an intuitive, psychic, medium and channel who brings you messages from those in the spirit world.

I am also a healer trained in energetic, spiritual, and physical

Perhaps equally important, I come from the corporate world, so I do
understand the challenges you face.

I have come here to help you move from confusion to clarity and
confidence. To help you get unstuck, to find your most peaceful,
joyous, and abundant life through a healing connection and

People have said that they have felt clarity, healing, awakening (even
enlightenment – their words, not mine), peace, calm, confirmation,
validation, certainty, and the courage to make major life changes.

Specialities - Energy Healer - Psychic Medium - Spiritual Advisor

Certifications or Professional Memberships

Reiki Master teacher

Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (Doreen Virtue)

A studied medium who has trained with James Van Praagh and Jason Oliver.


City                San Francisco

Country         USA





"Robyn Hessinger is AMAZING! She is legitimate, sweet, and powerful. She told me things she never could have known about me, and guided me to great peace. She's a total gem, and totally trustworthy.

She brought clarity to my confusion on business matters, she empowered me to trust my intuition, and she released me from some personal fears. Because she had proven to me that she was legitimate, I confidently trusted her guidance and have found that rapid changes for the good are flooding into my life.

Robyn has integrity and a desire to serve those who come to her. She speaks honestly, but gently, while ensuring her clients fully understand the channeling their guides are saying. Her channeling during her Inspired Guidance session or Spirit Circles are divinely guided and in the highest good of her clients. She channelled facts to me, that I only knew about, things I’d written in my private journal. She total proved to me, beyond a doubt, that I’m divinely guided by loving Spirit Guides and Angels. I walked away feeling treasured by the Universe and cared for by Robyn’s sincerity."
-Sarah McCorkle Mitchell, San Jose, California, USA  

"Robyn's work left me with tears of gratitude.  I'm at a transitional point in my life.  As her guides spoke of my future, I felt pieces of my life clicking together, all the way back to childhood.  I came away feeling profoundly heard, and I felt my life being deeply honored. My path forward has greater clarity now. Thank  you Robyn."
- Lars Clausen, Washington, USA,