Robin Gamache

Robin Gamache Essential Soul Healing is a service provided by Robin working in tandem with Spirit in one-on-one in-person or phone sessions for those seeking a deeper connection to their own Soul, Spirit Guides, Spirit Teachers and Loved Ones. Robin  provides soul level psychic and mediumship consulting sessions as well as energy healing sessions designed to heal and empower the individual on the path to physical, emotional, mental, material and spiritual health. The whole person is cared for in a uniquely personal and individual session.

Specialities - Psychic Medium - Angel Reader - Akashic Record Reader

Certifications or Professional Memberships

The International School of Clairvoyance, Debra Katz

Angel Therapy, Doreen Virtue

Advance Spiritual Response Therapy, Robert Detzler


City               Port Huron

Country       USA



Hello, I 'm Robin . Your higher self has guided you here. I would like
to share with you my unique set of abilities and gifts to assist you
along your path of creating the life you truly desire and developing
your own relationship to Spirit. I work with and channel Divine
Councils of Angels, Masters and Akashic Record Keepers. I became aware
at a very young age that I had natural emphatic, clairvoyant and
mediumship abilities. My early adult career choices have embraced the
hard sciences, psychology, the medical field and the business world. A
life changing experience with my father in 1996 urged me to go within
to find my higher self and to pursue development of my natural
abilities. Through the life choices I have made and psychic childhood
gifts, I have created my life as a multidimensional healer,
professional psychic, medium, public speaker and teacher for Spirit. I
have been bringing through spiritually guided healing energies for the
past 19 years. I work with people in all stages of personal and
spiritual growth. I assist them in the process of clearing past life
issues, personal energy field interference and chakra blockages. My
mediumship abilities bring help in the form of healing messages to
those who have lost loved ones or want a deeper connection to their
own guides and angels. Communication with them is a natural extension
of who we are because we are all spiritual beings first.

Clairvoyant Psychic Readings and Mediumship Readings allow light to
reach areas that were previously unknown to the conscious mind of the
person requesting a reading. I bring through detailed information
regarding life path and soul contacts operating in the present.. This
information expands awareness about current relationships, career
choices and physical health. Mediumship connections to loved ones,
guides and angels can provide emotional healing and undeniable
validation that we are always supported by Spirit and that our loved
ones are well and safe on the other side.

The meaning of multidimensional healing is that all dimensions of a
person are healed at once ~ the physical, emotional, mental and
spiritual. Through energy clearing techniques such as Spiritual
Response Therapy, Akashic Record Consulting, Reiki and Clairvoyant
Energy Readings a healing space is created so that a conscious
awareness of and energetic release of repetitive and discordant belief
patterns impeding spiritual growth can take place and healing
achieved. .

In SRT we access data input from each one of our past lives and all
of our experiences in each of those lives stored in the subconscious.
Clearing the subconscious of all of the outdated and unnecessary
programming that is ready to be released leaves an individual free of
past conditioning to make new choices that may not have been perceived
by them before. Past lifetimes can be integrated for healing by
bringing to light lessons learned in a past lifetime or for increasing
one's own spiritual gifts originating in a past-life.

Energy reading and clearing releases blockages of all kinds held deep
in the Chakra system and disruptions in the individual's energy field.
Releasing this energy clears the way for building a bridge of Light
upward creating expanded awareness and deep connection to our Source
energy. Divine Intervention healing can remove disease and/or cause
spontaneous remission reclaiming physical health.

As a teacher for Spirit, classes are directed by my Guidance
Councils. They teach exactly what and how the group needs to connect
with Spirit in that moment. Each person is assisted individually
within the group on how to open their unique gifts and connections to
their higher dimensional selves. This is an ongoing class that builds
one upon the other. Current happenings on the world stage, the cosmos
and spiritual realms are discussed. We work with planetary healing
processes also. It is always fun and informative and a lot of healing
occurs across the board.