Rebecca Manns

My name is Rebecca Manns. When I was 7 years old I was touch on the top of my head by an Angel. Soon after I started seeing spirits and knowing things about the people and animals around me that normally a little child would not. It was much later that I learned that I was fourth generation medium and understood the power from that touch was to live life helping others as a Spiritual Medium. After over 34 years I have honed my gifts and serve full time as a Medium,Psychic Mentor, Angelic Realm Communicator and Animal Communicator. It is my rich desire to help others that fuels my life as a spiritual medium.

Your Reading Experience: Here I would like to explain a little bit about the psychic abilities I use and how a reading might go. I work mostly with two distinctly different gifts. Clairaudience- the gift of hearing spirit. (the rarest of all the clairs) Clairvoyance- the gift of seeing visions, images, or pictures. During a reading it is my mission to interpret messages as accurately as possible. I will hear voices, sounds and see flashes of images and sometimes watch short videos in black and white or color. I will tell you of all messages I receive and not candy coat, so as the most accurate reading will be given

Specialities - Psychic Medium - Psychic - Angel Reader

Certifications or Professional Memberships

Angel mediumship and past life regression/Doreen Virtue lineage

Quantum healing therapy

Oneness Blessing practitioner

Animal Energy healing

Theta Healing, EFT Tapping


City              Dayton

Country      USA



"Rebecca is amazing and the real deal! I called hopeful, but a little skeptical, so I was very careful about how much information I provided, until I was confident she was legit. She was able to reach several people in my life that had crossed over, and told me things that only they and I would know. Not ambitious things, very specific knowledge that no one would be able to find out anywhere or guess. Rebecca is very friendly and genuinely cares about providing a good experience."

"I had my first reading with Rebecca the other day and I was really impressed with her abilities. She was able to give me clarity on some of the issues I had questions on and was able to give information about people that I did not even mention. I would definitely recommend her!"

"Rebecca's insight and ability to connect so easily to my situation is amazing. I have consulted with her on different occasions to find answers I knew could not be found elsewhere. I was having a very difficult time when I reached out recently and by the time we concluded, I had the answers I was seeking and bonus insight for my husband. Amazing, touching."