Nikki Gross

Nikki's formal education is in nutrition,food science as well as exercise science and corporate wellness. She spent 12 years working as a personal trainer and nutritionist. She discovered the world of energy medicine from experiencing her own chronic pain and endometriosis crises. Alternative therapies turned out to be her answer for relief after exhausting the avenues of Western medicine. Nikki has been pain free for several years and is a true believer in the power of self healing.

Nikki is a professional clairvoyant psychic medium and energy healer/master reiki practitioner She is passionate about guiding, healing and teaching others how to balance and harmonize body, mind and spirit.

Specialities - Energy Healer - Psychic - Chakra & Aura Reader

Certifications or Professional Memberships

Graduate of International School of Clairvoyance - Advanced

Professional Clairvoyant Training

Master Level Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Usui Tibetan System & Usui Reiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing ~ The International Center for Reiki Training Master Level Reiki Practitioner ~ Kali Ki Wisdom School

Certified Angel Card Reader ~ Doreen Virtue


City                Napa

Country        USA