Lorrie Gilrane

Lorrie is a Certified Evidential Medium and Reiki Master. The foundation for her belief in continuous life is rooted in her religious upbringing and personal experiences. She learned first hand, after suffering loss and searching for a medium, just how comforting and beneficial mediumship is, when it is provided in a respectful and evidential way. This compelled her to cultivate her own intuitive abilities. Through education, she came to understand that everyone is connected to Spirit and that sharing what we receive is a gift to others, ourselves and to those in Spirit.

Specialities - Psychic Medium - Reiki Practitioner - Tarot Card Reader

Certifications or Professional Memberships

Certified Medium

Member of the Distanf Healing Network

Member of the Spiritualist National Union International

Email                  spiritualmessages@att.net

City                    Easton, PA

Country             USA

Website             http://www.spiritualmessages.net/