Kaz Stevens

As well as being a professional psychic, Kaz is also a post graduate, advanced level trained and certificated professional remote viewer and remote influencer, with unrivalled expertise in solving life and love problems using a combination of remote viewing, remote influencing and other specialist modalities of expertise.

Specialities - Intuitive Life Coach - Astrologer - Psychic

Certifications or Professional Memberships

MASC (Associated Stress Consultants diploma in Professional Stress Consultancy).

CRV Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Post Graduate certificates(Controlled Remote Viewing) (Problems Solutions and Innovations - Lyn Buchanan).

BSY (Auric) Auriculotherapy Diploma

BSY (Herb) Herbalism Diploma

BSY (Irid) Iridology Diploma

BSY (Reflex) Reflexology Diploma

Member of the International Association of Professional Stress Consultants

Life Member of the IRVA - International Remote Viewing Association.

Email            kaz@kazpsychic.co.uk

City                Rufford

Country       United Kingdom

Website       www.kazpsychic.co.uk