Elizabeth Anglin

As a Spirit Medium, I provide a direct connection between you and your Spirit Guides, Angels, and other members of your Spiritual Committee for communication and discussion about "what's up?" in your life. Sessions are open, dynamic, and sometimes even funny, allowing the most important information and messages for you to emerge in an atmosphere of love, light and highest positive regard.


Specialities - Animal Communicater - Psychic - Psychic Medium

Certifications or Professional Memberships

Founder: Animal Spirit Institute

Certified Reiki Master Instructor through Elizabeth Valsala

Spiritual Emergency Mentor - Program for Extraordinary Experience

Research/John E. Mack

Institute Member - International Remote Viewing Association

Spirit Medium Training - The Ayer Institute

Scientific Remote Viewing Training - Farsight Institute Protocols

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I love what I do. When I was younger, it was a little weird, getting psychic hits about the worst sorts of events - car accidents, plane crashes, illnesses, fires. My Goodness! Am I glad that part of the process of becoming a psychic is over! Now I spend my time working with spirit, energy and pure consciousness, using my natural ability and training to connect to spiritual guidance, angels, animals, plants, trees, (devas, fairies, yeti, Sasquatch, aliens - is it alive and conscious in the universe?) and of course.. people you know and love who are now in spirit...AND the physical body, which loves to talk, if only we would listen to it more often, and give it the love it wants and deserves! I provide readings and energy healing treatments in a state of openness, reporting on what comes through, whether or not it makes any sense to me, allowing you as a client to find out if it makes sense and supports you.

Recent reviews

10/1/2014 Pamela M. says: After thinking about it a few days, I am sure there is no way Elizabeth could have known about some of the things she said unless she really was connecting with my spirit dog. I am very impressed and will definitely be contacting her again in the future.

Amazing 9/14/2014 Natalie A. says: I am so happy I did the reading. Elizabeth really nailed my past (not to mention what is happening currently in my life. ) She had time for all of my questions - I felt very comfortable and was able to get a lot of answers! In particular, Elizabeth gave me a lot of insight into an event from my past - it is helping me heal from a very traumatic time in my life. Have recommended her to several friends and will definitely schedule another reading with Elizabeth in the future!!

Awesome... 9/4/2014 Evie s. says: Elizabeth, as always you Rock! I Love to even just "chat" But your reading is really great and to get clarity on things , which you always do, means sooo much. Not only do you make beautiful accurate contact with Spirit Companions, but you get the subtle sense of humor of them and myself which makes the readings hilariously enjoyable as well!! I highly recommend you to anyone, especially those already in the various fields of metaphysics, Folks Elizabeth will "see" you and unlike many of your fellow practitioners, she is secure in who she is, so has no need or desire to compete with you or any other silliness. Rather she walks along right next to you helping you see anything you may have missed . Which can be Rare! Anyone who is learning and growing and exploring new avenues and it all seems so unreal and shaky and sometimes you may doubt your sanity or ability to deal with it all? Elizabeth is the guide your seeking, she is warm, down to earth, and patiently will help you to understand and incorporate all your "new" ideas, feelings, and phenomena into a balanced cohesive whole as you become more awakened to who you are..She is a very good medium ho will give you more "meat" than" niceties" she is first and foremost Honest and more concerned about getting truth to you than enhancing her image..I highly recommend her…E.S.

On-Point and Helpful 6/13/2014 C. P. says: Elizabeth is a sage and trusted spiritual adviser. She is well worth it (and I don't even have pets!). I have been impressed by how on-point she can be with respect to matters I haven't even brought up and by the accuracy and completeness of the advice. Each time I leave the consult with a more nuanced perspective, a renewed faith, new ideas and on a better path generally.