Nicole Bowman

She works with God (Great Spirit, Creator, Source) to answer your questions and assist you on your path. Nicole utilizes her abilities as a psychic, intuitive, and medium to provide guidance, clarity, and grounded answers concerning spiritual growth, love, relationships, … Continue reading

Emilie Moe

Emilie Moe, also known as Emmy, certified psychic began cultivating on what would become her higher calling in helping many with her born psychic empathic gifts at a young age. Being guided by her elders she was lead to the … Continue reading

Adrienne Miles

Adrienne is a TRUE clairvoyant and clairaudient. Adrienne is able to “see” and “hear” details, not only about your life, but your destiny path and future life experiences. Adrienne will be able to connect with you on all levels, especially … Continue reading

Nicole M Ferguson

Hello I’m Nicole, a Psychic Medium, Soul Coach, and Intuitive Teacher. During readings I connect with my clients on a soul level to help them find clarity and peace in their lives. I provide intuitive advice regarding love, relationships, family, … Continue reading

Sharon Pugh

Psychic Medium Sharon Pugh in Atlanta, Georgia provides phone and in person readings. Sharon Pugh is ranked top 10 Evidential Medium in the World.         Specialities – Animal Communicater – Intuitive Life Coach – Psychic Medium Certifications … Continue reading

Monica Hilbert

Monica Hilbert was born with psychic gifts that allow her to connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones that have passed. She can deliver messages that validate your loved ones are still close by, loving you and protecting … Continue reading

Lauren Brewer

Heart-centered readings to bring you further into alignment with yourself During a reading or healing session with me we will channel divine energy together to align us with our core soul energy, that is which not influenced by that outside … Continue reading

Pamela Cummins is the “Musical Psychic” who specializes in love and relationships, personal growth, and dream interpretation. Pamela hosts “The Love Channel Show “on Blogtalk radio. She is the author of Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships, Insights for Singles,  … Continue reading

Anna Simon

Anna provides very accurate psychic readings including names , dates, and descriptions of your true soul mate and your spiritual path. She will teach you how to manifest your true desires with deeply spiritual techniques that are well proven and … Continue reading

Atell Rohlandt

Are you unsure of someone’s feelings or intentions towards you? Allow Atell to help you see clearly when it matters most. Her clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairvoyant abilities combine beautifully with the tarot to offer insight into all areas of … Continue reading