Emilie Moe

Emilie Moe, also known as Emmy, certified psychic began cultivating on what would become her higher calling in helping many with her born psychic empathic gifts at a young age. Being guided by her elders she was lead to the … Continue reading

Adrienne Miles

Adrienne is a TRUE clairvoyant and clairaudient. Adrienne is able to “see” and “hear” details, not only about your life, but your destiny path and future life experiences. Adrienne will be able to connect with you on all levels, especially … Continue reading

Kaz Stevens

As well as being a professional psychic, Kaz is also a post graduate, advanced level trained and certificated professional remote viewer and remote influencer, with unrivalled expertise in solving life and love problems using a combination of remote viewing, remote … Continue reading

Amber Stagliano

Get the insight, direction and clarity you need to start living your life to the fullest. Find love, happiness, and personal meaning. Get the insight you need to understand the people around you – what they’re really thinking, what they … Continue reading

Nicole M Ferguson

Hello I’m Nicole, a Psychic Medium, Soul Coach, and Intuitive Teacher. During readings I connect with my clients on a soul level to help them find clarity and peace in their lives. I provide intuitive advice regarding love, relationships, family, … Continue reading

Selina Khan

I help spiritual seekers & open-minded people get clarity, find meaning, and develop their own intuitive abilities so they can live up to their true spiritual potential and life purpose. I specialize in Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Reiki and House Clearing, … Continue reading

Nikki Gross

Nikki’s formal education is in nutrition,food science as well as exercise science and corporate wellness. She spent 12 years working as a personal trainer and nutritionist. She discovered the world of energy medicine from experiencing her own chronic pain and … Continue reading

Terry Yoder

I have been reading the tarot and conducting clairvoyant readings for more than 36 years. In any given session I utilize all my spiritual gifts at once providing clear insight with love and compassion, and always without judgement or shame. … Continue reading

Laura Hoorweg

I am a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor. My passion is to empower people to live their lives in the most authentic and passionate way possible, aligning their lives with their own divine mission and discovering and developing their own … Continue reading

John Stewart

Professionally trained and science oriented Intuitives We have helped clients find lost family pets and personal valuable items items through Remote Viewing. Our clients lives have been enhanced and improved through our Intuitive/Psychic readings. John and Maggie work as a … Continue reading