Jessica Costello is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Healer and Radio Host. Having been born with many Psychic gifts that give her the unique ability to tune in and see the client’s path in life. She has the gift to … Continue reading

Anna Simon

Anna provides very accurate psychic readings including names , dates, and descriptions of your true soul mate and your spiritual path. She will teach you how to manifest your true desires with deeply spiritual techniques that are well proven and … Continue reading

Lucy Powell

I am a natural born psychic, the ability ran through my fathers sister who was a spiritualist medium which is what I believe I am. I work closely with Arch Angel Michael and my guide a Quaker as I see … Continue reading

Joy Elle

Joy Elle is a gentle yet powerful psychic. Talking with her is like having a friend who has walked alongside your experience. She does not rely on any tools and only depends on her powerful psychic abilities. Her uncanny abilities … Continue reading

Leo Brown

The Compassion of Oprah Winfrey, The Fun of Wendy Williams and The Flamboyance of Rupaul. Leo Brown is a force of nature! With his radiating charm, down home humor and compassion. Leo Brown brings happiness to the heart of everyone … Continue reading

Ann Arnott

Ann is a Spirit Medium and Psychic Intuitive. By connecting with your Spirit Guides and Loved ones who have passed, you will receive guidance and advice for your life, providing clarity and piece of mind.   Specialities – Psychic Medium … Continue reading

Janet Johnston

Being a Psychic Medium is important to me, its something I love to do. Giving evidence to prove to people that their loved ones are still with them and are well and happy.     Specialities – Psychic Medium – … Continue reading

Karen Davidson

I am Kaz Blueskywolf… and I am a Psychic/Medium/Empathic For me, having psychic abilities and gifts is indeed a blessing in disguise; but so wonderful and fulfilling to be able to help others through them. I absolutely love tuning into … Continue reading

Laura Brooks

I am a life long ethical intuitive medium. I am a graduate from Flora Sage Therapies and Ancient Arts Institute. I specialize in Spirit Led Intuitive Readings. I also offer mediumship readings and Akashic Records readings.       Specialities … Continue reading

Gray Davies

I offer one to one private readings, reading parties and audience demonstrations of mediumship. I also work around some of the spiritualist church’s in South Yorkshire.     Specialities – Reiki Practitioner – Psychic – Psychic Medium Certifications or Professional … Continue reading