Rebecca Manns

My name is Rebecca Manns. When I was 7 years old I was touch on the top of my head by an Angel. Soon after I started seeing spirits and knowing things about the people and animals around me that … Continue reading

Sonia Novick

Ms. Sonia Novick is a Trans-Channel, “The Avatar Group Consciousness” (Very similar to Esther Hicks in the movie and book The Secret who Channels Abraham.), an author, multidimensional life coach, mentor, and Internet Radio Show host personality with Spreaker. I … Continue reading

Robin Gamache

Robin Gamache Essential Soul Healing is a service provided by Robin working in tandem with Spirit in one-on-one in-person or phone sessions for those seeking a deeper connection to their own Soul, Spirit Guides, Spirit Teachers and Loved Ones. Robin  … Continue reading

Brian Sharp

Working with my spirit guides and angels I will provide you with answers to questions you may have about current life situations, past events in your life, or future possibilities. I also work with those who have crossed to the … Continue reading

Rachel Norway

Rachel provides accurate readings for reasonable prices. She can connect with detailed information about your loved ones who have passed away, remote view or predict an outcome in your love, career outlook, relationship, family, health concerns, court, past lives, dreams, … Continue reading

TessaLuna Lluvia

Tee is a World Renowned Psychic Medium who is highly respected in her field. Her strongest ability, “Remote Viewing”, makes it possible for her to see into the past, present and future along with specific details including names and dates. … Continue reading

Jaime Fitzpatrick

Jaime FitzPatrick is a gifted 3rd generation Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church. Being a “helper” Jaime has worked with many people on an energetic and spiritual level to provide them peace and comfort … Continue reading

Vicki Snyder

Call on Vicki to help answer your life’s questions. She is down to earth, honest and empowering. Let her help you find your true purpose. Vicki is a professionally trained psychic medium. She will connect to spirit, angels, guides to … Continue reading

Lisa Bousson

Known as a “Survival Evidence Medium” Lisa Bousson is able to bridge the gap between the living and the dead, by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages and proven facts. Experiencing paranormal and spiritual phenomenon for … Continue reading

Michele Hudson

Michele is a psychic medium that reads to empower you. She helps you along life’s path be it professional or personal. She can help you in all areas of your life. She believes in reading with integrity and honesty and … Continue reading