Sonia Novick

Ms. Sonia Novick is a Trans-Channel, “The Avatar Group Consciousness” (Very similar to Esther Hicks in the movie and book The Secret who Channels Abraham.), an author, multidimensional life coach, mentor, and Internet Radio Show host personality with Spreaker. I … Continue reading

Laura Mendelsohn

Laura is known for accurate, evidential psychic mediumship. Over 30 years ago a chance meeting in Central Park steered Laura‚Äôs destiny toward her gift as a full trance medium and channel. Laura is selected as a research medium with “Voices … Continue reading

Elizabeth Anglin

As a Spirit Medium, I provide a direct connection between you and your Spirit Guides, Angels, and other members of your Spiritual Committee for communication and discussion about “what’s up?” in your life. Sessions are open, dynamic, and sometimes even … Continue reading