Sonia Novick

Ms. Sonia Novick is a Trans-Channel, “The Avatar Group Consciousness” (Very similar to Esther Hicks in the movie and book The Secret who Channels Abraham.), an author, multidimensional life coach, mentor, and Internet Radio Show host personality with Spreaker. I … Continue reading

Toby Gant

A reading with Toby is like a warm, compassionate, and enlightening embrace from Spirit. He connects with Spirit to receive messages geared toward helping the individual remember his or her most profound truth. He also helps individuals release energy blockages … Continue reading

Brian Sharp

Working with my spirit guides and angels I will provide you with answers to questions you may have about current life situations, past events in your life, or future possibilities. I also work with those who have crossed to the … Continue reading

R Leah Moon

Distant energy healing sessions for people, pets, and places including support during stressful life events, week of distant healing, and absentee sessions. Cross-disciplinary trained naturopath, nutritionist, and healing arts professional.   Specialities – Energy Healer – Intuitive Counselling – Intuitive … Continue reading

Kaz Stevens

As well as being a professional psychic, Kaz is also a post graduate, advanced level trained and certificated professional remote viewer and remote influencer, with unrivalled expertise in solving life and love problems using a combination of remote viewing, remote … Continue reading

Nicole M Ferguson

Hello I’m Nicole, a Psychic Medium, Soul Coach, and Intuitive Teacher. During readings I connect with my clients on a soul level to help them find clarity and peace in their lives. I provide intuitive advice regarding love, relationships, family, … Continue reading

Sharon Pugh

Psychic Medium Sharon Pugh in Atlanta, Georgia provides phone and in person readings. Sharon Pugh is ranked top 10 Evidential Medium in the World.         Specialities – Animal Communicater – Intuitive Life Coach – Psychic Medium Certifications … Continue reading

Sheri Baldwin

Over 30 Yrs experience, tested and certified, International Intuitive Psychic, Angel Reader, Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Empath & Reiki Master. Messages provided through spirit guide/angelic messenger contact. All messages come from a place of love and honesty, never fear or … Continue reading

Laura Mendelsohn

Laura is known for accurate, evidential psychic mediumship. Over 30 years ago a chance meeting in Central Park steered Laura‚Äôs destiny toward her gift as a full trance medium and channel. Laura is selected as a research medium with “Voices … Continue reading

Jessica McKay

I talk with your Spirit Guides to bring you healing answers to your life’s questions. It’s the best job in the world, and I love what I do. My intuitive readings are a celebration of your life ~ of who … Continue reading