Robyn Hessinger

I am an intuitive, psychic, medium and channel who brings you messages from those in the spirit world. I am also a healer trained in energetic, spiritual, and physical modalities. Perhaps equally important, I come from the corporate world, so … Continue reading

Sheila Scott

I have been intuitive and clairvoyant all my life. I believe that a profound mystical experience during a near drowning incident at age 3, activated my spiritual gifts. My spiritual path is one of compassion and clairvoyant service to humanity. … Continue reading

R Leah Moon

Distant energy healing sessions for people, pets, and places including support during stressful life events, week of distant healing, and absentee sessions. Cross-disciplinary trained naturopath, nutritionist, and healing arts professional.   Specialities – Energy Healer – Intuitive Counselling – Intuitive … Continue reading

Nikki Gross

Nikki’s formal education is in nutrition,food science as well as exercise science and corporate wellness. She spent 12 years working as a personal trainer and nutritionist. She discovered the world of energy medicine from experiencing her own chronic pain and … Continue reading

Sheri Brown

My skills include Clairvoyance, Medium, Reiki and Chakra/Aura Balancing. I am a highly trained and skilled energy healer. I teach classes on meditation, energy healing, psychic development. My intention is to use these skills in order to assist people with … Continue reading

Elizabeth Anglin

As a Spirit Medium, I provide a direct connection between you and your Spirit Guides, Angels, and other members of your Spiritual Committee for communication and discussion about “what’s up?” in your life. Sessions are open, dynamic, and sometimes even … Continue reading

The love we share in this world does continue on. Love is eternal. With every connection Carole’s goal is to help you believe by making the connections and bringing forward evidence through her mediumship and helping to share the love … Continue reading