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Thank you for your interest in signing up as an advisor for our instant readings section. Please read through the guidelines below to ensure that your profile is formatted and displayed correctly on our system:

***PLEASE NOTE*** Only members of Certified Psychic Directory are accepted as advisors for the instant readings section. Please apply for a listing (free or featured) on the Directory before submitting the immediate readings application. Join the Directory

Name/Alias: Please use your real name or the name you signed up with as a member of the directory. (We do not allow the use of pseudonyms or screen names on the site, for example, psychicguidance123 etc)

Description: No more than 25 - 30 words. This is a brief preview users see on your profile before clicking through to read the long description. (No URLS in this section)

Long Profile: Maximum of 1000 characters – approximately 150-200 words. (No URLS in this section)

Image: type: .gif, .png or .jpg,  width - 425px, height - 490px, and no larger than 100kb. (Use PicMonkey to crop, edit, or resize the image if needed before uploading).

Time zone: Set your timezone in your local time

Mobile Remote Number: This is not required and is used purely when using a mobile phone to log you in and out of the service.

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