How to Choose the Best Psychic Directory

When trying to find the best psychic directory, what you should look for may differ depending on whether you’re a professional psychic or whether you’re a client looking for the best psychics, online tarot readers, or mediums. Below we’ll look at a few of the considerations for a client looking for certified psychics.

Online Presence

Online presence is the first thing you should look for when evaluating a psychic directory. A reputable site will be very present online and easily found via search engines, social networks, guest posts on other psychic or spiritual sites, press releases, or classified sites.
The more present and visible the site is, the more sure you can be of its’ reputation and commitment to quality. Anyone who starts a fly-by-night site or company tends to stick to the shadows and may use shady marketing techniques to snare potential ‘clients’.

Tested, Verified, or Certified Readers

This should be your next step when looking for a reputable psychic directory. There are as many directories as there are individual readers, but the trick is finding a directory that thoroughly tests and verifies its’ readers before approving them for membership.

Many psychic directories accept any and every psychic that applies for a listing, regardless of his or her actual experience or skills. Here are just some of the things a professional and reputable psychic directory expect from real psychics:
• Actual psychic or intuitive abilities
• The ability to demonstrate these abilities in order to pass one or more test readings
• A professional website
• At least five years’ professional experience
• A real first and last name (no screen names)
• Real client feedback listing the client’s first name, last name, and location
• High ethics (no spells or curse removal services)
• Professionalism both online and in person
• Membership to a psychic association or society

Customer Support

As a client, you should be able to get hold of customer support via a variety of methods, either via phone, email, or instant chat, should a problem arise. Knowing that there’s a customer support system in place to deal with any queries or problems will not only give you peace of mind but will also show that the directory in question takes their services seriously.

Full Listings

The listings for each psychic should include not only a picture and brief description but should also have the reader’s professional site and links to his or her social network accounts. The best psychic directories often use introductory videos on advisor’s pages to showcase his or her abilities, experience, and approach. This makes it easier for potential clients to work with a reader directly, should they choose to do so, and also helps to build trust.

Advisor Blogs

A reputable psychic directory should also have an advisor blog or a magazine that showcases articles by the readers featured on the directory. This is another good way for potential clients to connect with any particular reader and to get a sense of what they are like as a person and where their true expertise lies. Being able to enter the advisor’s ‘world’ through his or her blog posts also helps clients identify and connect with readers they’ll be comfortable consulting with.

Immediate Readings

A top psychic directory should offer clients the option of ‘immediate’ readings via an online phone or chat system. What this means is that a client should be able to speak to any psychic on the directory whenever they show as ‘online’. This service usually works on a pay-per-minute basis, and allows a client to connect with any particular advisor for as little as two or three minutes to get a ‘feel’ for the advisor before proceeding for a full reading.
This feature also makes it possible for clients to connect with an advisor for a very short amount of time if they are not able to book a full 30 or 60 minute reading. Immediate readings tend to be priced at a higher per minute rate but are still affordable due to the amount of control the client has over how much he or she spends at any given time or with any given advisor.

A Review System

Lastly, the review system is the lifeblood of any psychic site, and it is needed on psychic directories as well. While some directories may screen reviews, there needs to be the facility for a client to share his or her experience with a particular advisor. Client reviews should also be taken into account when deciding whether an advisor will be allowed to renew his or her membership to the directory.
The tips above should enable you to find the top psychic directories with plenty of qualified, experienced, and reputable psychics to choose from. When quality comes first, it is very clear, not only in the standard of the advisors listed on any particular psychic directory but also in the quality of service delivered to each and every client.

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