How do I locate an advisor in my local area?

To locate an advisor in a specific area, please type the area, state, or name of the town into the search box. The listings that match the search criteria will be listed in the search results.

Why was this directory created?

This directory was created to showcase the best of the best psychics, mediums, intuitives, and energy healers worldwide, and to create a safe, friendly, and professional space for clients to find the advice, insight, or healing they need. Secondly, the directory aims to provide a safe, pleasant, and positive environment for its' members. The focus is on accuracy, ethics, and positive energy and to create a space online where both clients and advisors feel looked after and appreciated.

What does the ‘tested and certified’ badge mean?

The ‘tested and certified’ badge on certain advisor profiles indicates that the advisor in question completed at least one test reading with a volunteer client or staff member of Certified Psychic Directory and that his or her accuracy, professionalism, and ethics, were of a standard we were satisfied with. Only advisors that opt for featured listings have the opportunity to be tested and certified.

Does the site recommend ‘tested and certified’ readers?

The tested and certified readers make up a group of advisors that have been tested by Certified Psychic Directory and whom have passed the requirements regarding accuracy, professionalism, and ethics. We do not endorse any particular reader, as results tend to vary. Just because a volunteer client or staff member of the directory was satisfied or impressed with their reading does not guarantee that another person will have the same exact experience with that reader. Please use your own initiative when deciding which reader to consult with and do the necessary research to ensure the reader has the skills, abilities, and experience you require.

Why are only some advisors shown on the homepage?

At present, only featured advisors are shown on the homepage. Featured listings are paid for and as a result we give those profiles greater exposure. Free listings are not featured on the homepage, but can be found through the search box.

Where can I find reviews for each psychic?

Advisors are free to list reviews on their listings, so you may be able to find reviews on a profile if you scroll down.

Where can I leave a review for a psychic?

The contact form at the bottom of each advisor’s profile can be used to leave a review after your session. Reviews are subject to approval and moderation.

Are reviews posted immediately?

No. To ensure quality and fairness, each review is subject to an approval and moderation process. We do not approve negative or abusive reviews as it creates a negative environment for both clients and advisors and negative energy attracts more negativity. We created to be a positive, pleasant, and safe space for both clients and advisors and the tone and quality of the reviews we publish mirrors that energy.

How should I choose an advisor?

You should consider the questions you need help with and decide which one of the specialties on the site would suit that best. For example, if you need to connect with a deceased loved one, you’ll need to speak to a medium. That’s the first and most important consideration. Apart from that, looking at reviews, the amount of experience the advisor has, and their rates, should be considered as well.

Are phone readings as accurate as in person readings?

Yes. There is not much difference between a phone and in-person reading apart from the fact that the reader can see you and vice versa should you consult with him or her in person. Phone readings are better in the sense that an advisor cannot physically see you and make certain assumptions based on your age, attire, jewelry etc.

How does the instant readings page work?

The instant readings page offers clients the opportunity to speak to any of the psychics showing as online at the per-minute rate shown.  Every client needs to register for an account and top it up in order to speak to an advisor.

What is the minimum I can spend on a per-minute call?

The minimum amount of minutes you need to purchase to connect to an advisor is 3 minutes.  The total cost of the call will depend on the advisor's per minute rate and any connection fee (if applicable).  We have decided to set a minimum duration of 3 minutes since most advisors need at least that much time to answer a question.

How many minutes should I purchase?

The number of minutes you purchase is dependent on your needs, the nature of your questions and your budget.  Focus on the number of questions you have and allow between 3 and 5 minutes for each, if you work it out that way, you should be able to work out how much time you need to get the insight you require. Please note that services such as healing or mediumship readings may require longer sessions.

Why am I charged a connection fee?

In standard cases, CPD covers the connection fee on the client's side of the call, but in certain circumstances a client may call in using a mobile phone, or from a country with a much higher connection rate. In situations such as these, an additional connection charge is displayed and this is payable on top of the per-minute fee.  In order to minimize connection costs, always call from a landline if possible.

I’m not happy with my reading, what should I do?

If you’ve received a reading you’re not satisfied with, we ask that you consider the content of the reading first. Were you happy after the consultation? If so, ask yourself why that has changed and what has influenced your opinion. There are many reasons why predictions may not play out or happen as stated in a reading, so always ensure that you take personal responsibility where appropriate. For example, if the reading went badly right from the start, you should let the advisor know there and then that you are not satisfied and end the session within the first 3 minutes. Also, please see the "Disclaimer" as to your responsibility as a client.

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds on calls that exceed three minutes, but may make it up to you if we find that an advisor's performance or service was unsatisfactory.  In the rare event this happens, we'll offer free minutes to spend with another advisor of your choice. This is, however at the sole discretion of CPD and is dependent on a thorough investigation.

Why are my calls not connecting?

When using the instant call service, you're required to press the * key on your phone to accept the call. This connects you to your chosen reader.  If you do not press the * key for 3 consecutive calls, your number will be marked as spam by the system and calls will not connect. Alternatively, the advisor may not have pressed the * key on their side or they exceeded the allotted time to accept the call.

Can I pay for an immediate reading using Paypal?

Yes the service we use accepts both Paypal and major credit cards as payment. Please sign up for a client account and follow the prompts to start the process.

Why is my account not being funded?

Our phone provider has a number of measures in place to keep abuse and fraud to a minimum so new clients may be subject to a slight delay when funding their accounts for the first time.