What are the requirements to get listed on Certified Psychic Directory?

For a comprehensive list of requirements, please visit the "Join the Directory" page

What are the costs involved?

The basic listing is free of charge but offers limited benefits.

Featured listings costs are as follows:

$20 per month

$60 per three months

$115 per six months

$220 per year

How can I pay for a featured listing?

We use Paypal to process all payments and subscriptions. Simply follow the instructions on the listings page and click the appropriate buttons to be taken to the payment page.

How do I submit a listing?

Visit the ‘Join the Directory’ page, read the listing requirements and proceed to either the paid listing or free listing page.

Can I cancel my free listing?

You can cancel your free listing at any time by emailing

Can I cancel a paid listing?

Visit your Paypal account and look for the subscription to Certified Psychic Directory. Cancel that and you will not be charged for the next period.

If I cancel a featured listing, do I get refunded for unused time remaining for the subscription?

No. Featured listings are competitively priced and when a subscription is cancelled, the listing remains on the site for the remainder of the subscription period. Cancelling a subscription only cancels the automatic renewal and doesn’t refund the original payment. We incur a variety of costs to actively market and promote each listing, so we are unable to offer pro-rata refunds on cancelled subscriptions.

What are the benefits of a paid or featured listing?

Please visit the ‘Listing Features’ page to see full details for both paid and free listings.
Why do only some profiles have videos, social media buttons, and events listed?
Featured or paid listings offer a number of additional benefits that give members additional exposure. Videos, social media buttons and events are just a few of the added benefits enjoyed by featured members.

How do I edit my listing?

If you’d like to edit your listing, please email the information to and we will update the listing for you.

Can I list myself in multiple categories?

Free members are able to list in one category, but featured members can choose up to five categories when creating their profiles.

How long does it take for listings to be approved?

Approval time varies depending on how many applications we receive. Featured listings get priority and are approved within a 48 hour period, provided the applicant meets all our requirements. If a test reading is required, the approval period may be longer. Free listings may take up to four weeks to be approved.

FAQ for advisors phone system

When will I be paid?

Payments are done twice a month on the 7th and 22nd. In other words, for earnings from the 1st to the 15th you’ll be paid on the 22nd and for earnings from 16th to the 31st you’ll be paid on the 7th of the following month. If the pay dates fall on a weekend, payments will be made on the following Monday.

How much will I be paid?

Your earnings depend on a few factors: traffic, your call duration, your per-minute rate, and the number of calls you take. We pay out a flat 55% of the call rate to the advisor. Bear in mind that any connection fees on your side of the call will be deducted.

How do the connection fees work?

For each call there are two connection fees, one for your leg of the call and one for the client. The client’s connection fee comes out of our portion, unless he or she is calling from a destination with a particularly high connection fee, in which case the client pays an additional per minute charge to cover the connection fee. Your leg of the call has its’ own connection fee and that is deducted from your share of the call. The system we use connects to the advisor first and then connects to the client before connecting you to one another, so there are two separate legs to the call and each side pays for the connection charges.
Connection fees differ depending on which country you’re in, and whether you’re receiving or taking calls on a landline or mobile phone.

How do I minimize the connection fees?

The easiest way to minimize connection fees is to ensure you take calls from a landline phone. Our system enables advisors to take calls from landline or mobile phones, so in a pinch it’s possible to use a mobile phone, but you’ll most likely earn a little less because of the higher connection fees. Each country and number type comes with a set connection fee.

Are there minimum required log-in hours?

We understand that most advisors that choose to take calls for CPD have logins and accounts elsewhere and do private work as well, and for that reason we’ve decided to set the minimum hours per week at between 5 and 10 hours. You’re free to log in as often as you’d like, but we’d prefer to work with advisors who are able to commit to the minimum number of hours. When you work those hours is entirely up to you, so if you’re free and looking to take calls at 2am, or midday, it’s your choice.

Will I be an employee of Certified Psychic Directory?

No. CPD does not employ any advisors but allows them to take calls via our system on a commission basis. We do not deduct any money for tax purposes, benefits, etc and advisors are responsible for those expenses or to ensure that they pay any relevant taxes in the countries they reside. We also do not guarantee earnings as calls may fluctuate based on traffic levels, advertising, a particular advisor’s reading style etc.

Am I allowed to take calls for other sites?

Yes. The advisors who choose to work the instant call system are not CPD employees, so we do not place any restrictions on who you work for or take calls for. You are free to log into other systems or sites simultaneously to maximize your earning potential. All we ask is that you change your status to ‘offline’ when you are busy with a call from another site.

Am I allowed to promote my private website or another network to instant call customers?

No. The instant call feature is designed to make it possible for CPD clients to connect to a reader immediately. Any attempt to divert callers from the system to your private site or another network will not be accepted and we may terminate our agreement with you if this happens. Please respect the time, effort, and funds we invest in our traffic to the immediate calls page by not diverting those clients to other sites.
If a client finds your details on the directory portion of the site, that is perfectly fine, as that is what the directory is there for, but purposely redirecting a client connected to you via the instant call system is not acceptable.

Are there any restricted topics for the instant call service?

No. At this stage, any topic is allowed, but always advise clients to seek professional medical, legal, or financial help if the need arises.

How do you deal with chargebacks or fraud?

In the unlikely event that a chargeback or fraud transaction takes place, we immediately block the client in question so that they are unable to use the service again. If we are required to refund or reverse payments, the amount equivalent to the advisor’s share will be deducted from the next payment. It’s unfortunate, but in circumstances such as those, we all lose money and that is why we do all we possibly can to ensure abuse is minimized.
If you are on a call with a client and have any reason to believe that he or she is underage, is using someone else’s credit card or paypal account, or may be spending more money than they can afford, please find a way to end the call in a gentle manner. Be alert on occasions when clients seem to be wreckless with their spending or time on the phone.

Do you offer refunds on calls?

We do not offer refunds on completed calls. If the client is unsatisfied with a particular call, we may investigate, but will not refund the money spent on the call if the call lasted for more than 3 minutes. In the unlikely event that a call is refunded, the advisor’s share will be deducted from the next pay cycle. The most likely scenario is that the client will be given free minutes, the cost of which will be split between CPD and the advisor in question. We know that all professional light workers do their best to serve the client in a way that is for their highest good, but in the unlikely event that a client demands a refund, we’ll do our best to protect the psychic while looking after the client’s interests as well.